Nfusion GuideNfusion Guide

1. Go to Order Now and Follow the Instructions, After you have you’re Access Code Continue Below.

2. You have to get this Archives.

Archive1 – Download – Archive2 -Channels list(May28,10)    ( NF Guide)

3. GO TO YOUR RECEIVER CONNECTED, AND CHECK IN Witch DiSEqC PORT IS EACH SATELLITE (110, 119) and the 22Khz if its on or off. (Menu -> Installation -> Antenna Setup and Check them.

Here’s a Picture of what you need.

Video tutorial To Load the Software click here

Now that you have the Software, now you need the channels.

Click here on how to get the channel list.

To get the Channel list of the Satellite 110 you have to take the file called 110 from the second folder and so on for the 119.

If you got 2 Satellite’s Please contact us with the config that you’ve checked so we make your own configuration, we’ll send it by email in less than 24 hours.

1. Now you have to connect the receiver to your sat Device and the TV.

And you have to put the configuration MULTI (Watch this video)

Menu – > One Down (click ok ) , Another one to down and 2 lefts, then click exit.

if the image is still looking bad, fix it with this tutorials (Watch this video)  (2nd video) (Put channel 2 and click size)

Then in the E-mail that you put in your Payment, there is an Access Code.

Then go to menu, Click internet like this and Check out this
Then go to NEWCAMD and Press 9949 and click OK as seen on this picture
THEN you will come to AN Screen where you’ll have to Put the information we’ve send in the email. that the Access code works as the user name and password, and the port you’ll have to submit in port 1 like in this Picture